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1. Where are your vegetables sourced from? 

Every vegetable is 100% sourced from Cameron Highlands. We are the only store that offers 100% sourced from Cameron Highlands and Malaysia instead of other countries.

2. How safe are your vegetables to be consumed? 

They are 100% safe as it is free from pesticides and preservatives. 

3. What are your delivery zones? 

We deliver to Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur & Selangor) only at the moment. 

4. What are your pricing rates like? 

The prices vary as it depends on each bundle and based on the mix box or sets. 

5. Do you allow exchanges or refunds? 

We will arrange an exchange or refund if the vegetables you received are rotten or not fresh. 

6. How can I place an order? 

You may place an order via our website, WhatsApp us at 016-247 4132 / 016-244 4132 or email us at [email protected].

7. How long does it take to process and ship out my order?

 All orders would be shipped out within 1-2 days and some within that day itself so that you can receive the vegetable soonest after the harvest is done.

8. What kind of vegetables does Cameronvege.com.my sells? 

All vegetables such as leafy, herbs and fruits. You can find anything - from corn to beans, as long as it’s produced in Cameron Highlands, you will find it here. 


9. What is Cameronvege.com.my?

We are a small family start-up that delivers Cameron Highland vegetables directly to your home. We are a team of 2 who manages the entire operation .

10. What are your delivery days and hours?

  • Normal delivery, Mon - Sun:10am-10pm
  • Self pick up at Taipan Sales Gallery, Mon - Sat:10am-10pm (Next Day Pick Up)
  • *Please update in remarks if you require any specific delivery time

11. How much must I spend to enjoy free delivery service? 

There is no minimum or maximum amount and quantity required for ordering and delivery. But you will be able to enjoy free delivery if you place the minimum order amount based on your delivery area.

  • Petaling Jaya Area, Minimum order: RM30 (will be calculated upon checkout based on postcode)
  • Others - will be based on postcode.  

12. Is there any delivery cost incurred for purchase below the minimum amount based on my location?

A reasonable delivery cost will be charged if you made an order that is below the minimum order amount based on the respective delivery location.

13. Can I change an order or cancel an order once I have checked out?

Any cancellation of an order or change of delivery shall be made before 8pm on the same day by contacting our customer service officer via email [email protected] or WhatsApp us at 016-247 4132 / 016-244 4132.

14. What if I am not around/running late when my delivery arrives?

You can choose the date and time window you are free to receive your items. Please contact our customer service officer via email [email protected] or WhatsApp us at 016-247 4132 / 016-244 4132.

15. How do I get a replacement for the wrong order/product?

You can refer to our customer service officer via email [email protected] or   

WhatsApp us at 016-247 4132 / 016-244 4132.

16. What if an item received is not in good condition/damaged?

You can choose not to accept those products and we are more than happy to offer you a new replacement. 

17. How should the payment be made on Cameronvege.com.my?

Payment can be made through the payment gateway. Direct bank transfers (FPX) or Credit cards / Debit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD) are allowed too. 

18. Is it safe to use a payment gateway on Cameronvege.com.my?

CameronVege uses approved partners to process all your purchases which include all payment methods.

19. Are there any offers and promotions going on?

 Yes, CameronVege currently running 2 major promotions as below: 

        RM 5* discount with min purchase of RM 30
        RM 10* discount with min purchase of RM 50

*Each customer can claim for one RM 5 discount & one RM 10 discount, max RM 15

*First come first serve, Siapa cepat dia dapat. Promo sampai 30/4/2023 😊               


 20. Unhappy with the vegetables and wish to complaint/ feedback?

 Please forward your feedbacks via email or WhatsApp and we will revert  back Within 24 hours with a promising response.


 WhatsApp us at 016-247 4132 / 016-244 4132 

 Email us at [email protected]

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